My Personal Health Story


My name is Richard Davidson. I am 77 years young and I have had the good fortune of having great health for most of my life. I have gone through a few challenges, as we all do, but I made the decision, at a very young age, to learn all that I must do to stay healthy. I have spent the last 59 years learning how to educate myself and others on how to maximize their health and wellness. I am now an "Alkalarian".

I have always been around "water"... like rafting and learning how to swim the rivers of Utah. I was the "Water Boy" on the high school football team... too small to play on the team. Even my astrological sign is "Pisces" (the fish) and the Hawaiians, that I played volleyball with, called me "KauaKaua" which meant "Man-Fish".

I joined the U.S. Navy in 1959 and retired in 1981, where I was qualified as a Deep Sea Diver, a SCUBA Diver, a Parachutist and I worked with Explosives (EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal). You have to be very healthy to serve in that kind of community. I am a Vietnam Vet and spent 5 years in the Vietnam war doing my professional job.

In 1972, I went to the Japan World Exposition. While visiting there, I heard about "Magic Water" and that people claimed it could cure them of ailments. I visited these natural pools and as a diver and water person I became very interested in the aspect of how this could be.

In 1985, I was in contact with Bob Barefoot. He was the "Calcium King" and I learned all about "Coral Calcium", again being a diver and having been to Okinawa, Japan, I identified with the "common sense" of supplementing my daily health plan with this type of ionized absorbable calcium. Although he was quite controversial at the time, what he presented was logical and it made sense to me.

In 1990, I met Lee Lorenzen, who was a biochemist. He did his research for over 20 years in Japan on "water technology". While he was there he worked with the Japanese Ministry of Water in developing structured water. He taught me that the right kind of water could be changed to assist people with their every day health challenges.

In 1991, I went to St. George, Utah to play volleyball in the John Huntsman, "Senior Games". I met some wonderful senior volleyball players who seemed to have exceptional health. I talked with them to find out their "secret" to longevity and picked up some very interesting lifestyle tips which included drinking plenty of clean, mineral rich water.

In 2002, while providing labels to a water bottling company, I was introduced to the "Water & Wellness Center" in Salt Lake City, Utah. That is when I began to study the basics of healthy drinking water. My goal was not only to learn, but to share my ongoing health education with others, including teaching people how to listen to their bodies.

I have been teaching air, water, food and supplement "information, education, and awareness" classes for the past 11 years at the Water & Wellness Center". I have also been extended teaching water and wellness education classes at the Salt Lake Community College since 2015.

I was voted the "Best of Salt Lake" in Wellness Education in both 2016 and 2017.

The latest addition to my daily "Alkalarian" protocol is drinking "H2" hydrogen rich water, all day long, to fight off dangerous free radicals and the acidosis that they cause in the body. This high tech information is all about the unlimited health benefits of drinking "H2" hydrogen rich water. (See ). There are now over 1000+ scientific studies and peer reviewed papers supporting the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen. This has now become a major part of the wellness education process of teaching everyone the latest protocol that works for most individuals.

My daily diet consists of 80% alkaline food (See: "The Acid Alkaline Food Guide" by Dr Susan Brown). For example, I jumpstart my metabolism and immune system every day, by eating C.A.T. (a Cucumber, Avocado, Tomato) every morning for breakfast. It is the perfect alkaline combination to start the day and then I support this routine with alkaline grazing and drinking all day long.

The next step is breathing ionized air while I am sleeping, so I can fully regenerate for the next exciting day of my life.".

Join me in discovering the importance of breathing clean air, drinking hydrogen rich alkaline mineral water, eating an alkaline diet, and taking the "right" age specific alkaline supplements. (high anti-oxydant and food for workout recovery, body health, heart health, brain health, and cardio-vascular health.) Remember: "The Bottom Line is Alkaline" and join me as an Alkalarian.

TRY IT... your body will love it.